Friday, 23 September 2011

We CAN take rejection !!

Availability is King!  At Prima Artists we receive hundreds of enquiries each week for potential bookings, some way in the future and some at pretty short notice. We always check availability  with artists for the date in question before responding to these enquiries. What is the point of stating an artists fee and later to find out they are not available? Like pricing a seat on an air flight  and then to find there are no seats left on booking! Off goes the resultant quote to our client - Yes they are available and the cost is £xxx and the conditions are yyy. 

Pretty good so far.  

Where if falls down is that often we never hear from the enquirer again. The artist has pencilled the date in his diary, we have set an admin chain in process. We follow up by email.  Did you receive the information? Was It of interest?  And still nothing! No reply. 

The artist has an alternative enquiry for the same date. They call us. Is this booking going ahead. ?? Answer - we don't know. We try again and from  the resulting wall of silence we make the assumption our artist is not wanted or our proposal has not been accepted. 

In the entertainment industry we are used to rejection - Its all right to say "Thanks but no thanks".  We understand it may not be what you thought, the requirements have changed, its over budget, the event is not going ahead. That's fine. Please just tell us  - we can take it!!

Better than that is a "definite maybe" or make our day by saying "Yes please".!!