Sunday, 27 February 2011

Social Networking Bookmarks on

Part of the responsibility of a professional entertainment agency is to promote the profile, talent and professionalism of the artists, bands, musicians and celebrities represented by the business.  Prima Artists was one of the first UK agencies to have a web site (in 1997) and that has been constantly developed to deliver content to potential bookers and existing clients. Many artists represented  have video show reels or music samples (or both)  on our site , hosted on our own servers.

Social networking bookmarks have been added to many pages on our site so that visitors can quickly and easily share our content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  and may other social and professional networking sites. A good place to start to explore our entertainment and music  is our ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTORY PAGE .  Most pages in our site now have the facility to add a "like" on our facebook page  to or you may want to follow us on twitter .

Soon you will be able to enjoy all of the  same Social Network bookmarks on our Specialist Cruise Entertainment Site